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Paper.CAT 🐈 Paper.IO 2 Unblocked Multiplayer PvP Mod

The Paper.IO 2 you love, now with multiplayer PvP to team up and enjoy the game together with your friends! What is Paper.IO 2? Paper.IO 2 is a popular fun browser-based IO game that you can play to relieve yourself from a stressful school day or in your leisure time to entertain yourself when you got nothing better to do. What is Paper.CAT? Paper.CAT is made from scratch to bring multiplayer gameplay to the original Paper.IO 2 you fancy play! How to play? Visit www.Paper.CAT , type in your favorite nickname, hit the Play button, and dive right into the game! Spread the word to your best friends, form a group together, and get going to beat other players! Ahoy there; your enemies will not mercy you if you get caught off guard! Use your mouse to lead your warhead, be brave and go grab the areas covered by your enemies to warn them off or kill them. Gather more and more points by displacing and disqualifying your opponents, use them to your advantage by unlocking various boosts to get s